Citroen 11 CV: Citroen gangster – a thieving pleasure

Citroen 11 CV

The Citroen 11 CV, also known as a gangster-Citroen is preparing, a lot of fun – if you neglect him and not begrudge him proper maintenance. Find out what 11 CV-lovers and those who want to become, shall we have put together.

A Citroen 11 CV is not only a fascinating, but also a very tough car. Even if the technology has already achieved a high degree of wear “the cars still run mostly” Traction-Avant white-expert Armin Frick in Switzerland.

According to Citroen 11 CV-wrench Karl Heinz Köhne from Paderborn “eighth but now many 11 CV-owners increasingly out” that her baby is always running, “but the others will benefit from the stamina of the legendary French sedan and push some repairs on the back burner.
First rule: Do not buy car with maintenance storage

So if you plan to buy a Citroen 11 CV should strive for a copy that has no storage and maintenance was handled by expert hands as possible. “For it is the crux of how something was done,” said Koehne. Often, repairs are in fact carried out only half-heartedly or incorrectly.

A Citroen 11 CV has some peculiarities that brings some workshop to ponder. It starts ever so that the four-cylinder engine has no oil filter and no thermostat. The engine oil is roughly filtered before it enters the oil pump – who wants to clean the two screens, must, riveting to the oil pan. It is enough if the one time is done and then follow a relatively narrow intervals between oil changes. If the Citroen 11 CV as usual today but little moved, an oil change per year is sufficient. And with that comes the engine to operating temperature, even in cool weather, we recommend retrofitting a radiator thermostat, which costs about 200 €.

Incidental service work, like setting the valve lash, ignition of the gasifier and the Citroen 11 CV are very cheap, it take so long no damage apparent. Discovered the mechanics when adjusting the ignition, however, a worn out distributor shaft or a vacuum leak can be estimated from the 40 € 200 € and more quickly. Similarly, the costs skyrocket when a wave knocked out the function of the throttle Citroën 11 CV carburetor limits.

Better than a bad original new parts

Achim Frick preferred the revision of the original Citroën 11 CV carburetor, because all too often turn out to the Internet for a bounty offered new parts as quality abysmal. Frick is now safe and pulls the overtaking of Citroen 11 CV-original parts as well as for water pumps and couplings of the virgin before.

The revision is done by the Citroën 11 CV specialist in-house, where he can bring in the best way to his many years experience. For example, in the clutch: “The original printing plate is slightly hollow, they will just run, it may be that the clutch pluck,” said the Swiss.

Engine Overhaul – prefer it right

But back to the engine of the Citroen 11 CV. Changing the timing chain as a separate service in his eyes makes no sense. Due to the poor accessibility is the fact to remove the engine required. And the timing chain should be worn, this is true in general as to the entire engine to achieve – which is why the Citroen 11 CV-owner should immediately bring itself to an engine overhaul.

We suggest that the Citroen 11 CV, do as much as possible in one go – but what drives the cost of a lower limit to the understanding € 3500, but ultimately saves labor. Be renewed for the time of engine overhaul just acceptable components may have but a year later, then drop the dismantling work again.

Citroen 11 CV1 600x399

Regular greasing chassis thanks

The chassis of the Citroen 11 CV requires a certain amount of affection, which in itself indicate the number of grease nipples, which have to operate on a regular basis. “If you’re traveling in all weathers, should take once a year with three screws hold the cap on the front under the steering knuckle arm, because it has collected any water,” advises Frick. To the Citroen 11 CV jack up the front and lubricate after dewatering the uprights.

A scary moment bestowed the Citroen 11 CV’s owner, if the compound has the cone steering lever play. Then the little break there as securing existing wedge, to eat into the conical surfaces and provide a short-term blockade of the steering. Deep in the pocket, the Citroen 11 CV-owners fall, when the front silent bushes are worn, because it is squeezing the grooved shaft with up to 50 tons of pressure. Is a complete Vorderachsüberholung due to be spending up to 4,500 €. Some Citroen 11 CV rear axle is offset to the left or right, but what can be corrected. A bit more expensive, if a lay person accidentally set a jack centered under the rear light is bent and this has. Sometimes an expert can judge them again.
The costs are manageable at the Citroen 11 CV

Frick pointed out that the Citroen 11 CV were designed at a time when the cars were still being repaired more than pits than on lifts. Therefore, many a long fitter looking for suitable attachment points for the arms of the lift or he comes in the exhaust change in distress. The assembly of the Citroen 11 CV-silencer with tailpipe works namely easier when the Citroen 11 CV is on the wheels because the rear axle hanging down in the way otherwise. Incidentally, the original exhaust system an extremely long time.

Less long will the drive shafts “when the front wheels have an imbalance,” says Frick. He adds: “The Citroën 11 CV even greater Radu balancing while driving is not noticeable, but the drive shafts will suffer.” In the event of a claim can overtake either the old or converted waves at constant velocity shafts or two propeller shafts. In the two latter, more modern versions of the Citroën should ask 11 CV-owner prior to installation, which is always recommended, because there are qualitative differences.

Citroen 11 CV11 600x399

When it comes to the change from brake pads or replacing a wheel bearing goes on Citroën 11 CV, is worthwhile because of the necessary special tool, the transition to the professional. “You can never tackle the bolts to pull the brake drum, but always has to start the puller to the hub,” warns Frick. Who makes it wrong to destroy the drum. Fortunately, the supply of spare parts for Citroen 11 CV is quite large, several companies offer an online catalog (, www.citroen l).

Basically for the Citroen 11 CV: The cost of maintenance is manageable, provided that necessary repairs can not be too long postpones – even if the car should still run bravely.
Classic Motor Service Tip

The 11-CV scene in Switzerland and in Germany is very active. For the many self-wrench in the 11 CV-owners provide the clubs, the Citroën Veterans Club (, the IG www.tractionavant TAV ( and the Citroën Traction Avant Club Switzerland (. ch) repeatedly wrench seminars.

As a further source of information on CV-11 engineering and maintenance to provide the pamphlet written by the Swiss Daniel Eberli Citroën Traction Avant 11 & 15 CV for beginners, in Germany at and Switzerland is available from the club.

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