Mercedes Off-Road

Mercedes Off-Road

Mercedes is one of the few manufacturers of premium car that boasts a large range of SUVs and SUVs.

There are four models, of which the oldest celebrates 33 years since the start of production. Guessed, this is the famous G-class, which is still an indispensable vehicle and police forces in many countries around the world.

A year ago, the Mercedes G-Class has been further enhanced and updated revisions can be proud and Mercedes GLK Mercedes GL and which had just appeared on the market.

Shortly before them, a world premiere, and ML, so that all Mercedes SUVs and more polished than current.

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One of the best SUV in the world and also one of the models who stayed longest in the series production of the Mercedes G-class.

Introduced for the first time activ since 1979. and since then has undergone many changes.

Driving this car has left the biggest impression on us. Not only because of the excellent off-road ability, but because of the charm, atmosphere and the way people drive.

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This is also one of the most interesting car to drive that we had the opportunity to try.

It was a G500 convertible model, whose price starts from 106,000 euros including VAT. Last year he was promoted to the extent that in fact the original G class shares only appearance.

The interior was also changed, everything is OK, including the automatic transmission lever, gear and differential lock.

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