Opel Astra OPC 2013 review

Opel Astra OPC 2013 review

ESP can be deactivated for extra sporty ride

As with FlexRide type, ESP stability control also offers three different modules, depending on how much driving and demanding sport. With the default settings that are optimized for the OPC, provided the maximum driving safety in everyday situations while keeping the driver loses control.

In Competitive modules raises the threshold at which the system intervenes automatically. However, when the vehicle is in a situation that is hazardous to the border, will stabilize the system brakes. The ESP-off module, when the ESP button down for longer than five seconds, the ESP system can be completely deactivated.

Opel has designed the ultimate package for the chassis, a specially equipped in terms of lateral dynamics and excellent quality control new Astra OPC, which would correspond to its powerful engine of 206 kW/280 hp and maximum torque of 400 Nm. Chassis which is equipped with shock absorbers manufactured by ZF Sachs has several decisive elements that enhance the driving dynamics of this car: high-performance props (HiPerStruts), FlexRide mechatronic chassis, mechanical Limited Slip Differential, and Brembo brakes. The chassis is further embellished with alloy wheels of 19†as part of the default, along with the type of tires 245/40 ZR.

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Limited Slip Differential for better stability

To power the new Astra has turned into an efficient operation, the front axle is equipped with a mechanical multi-plate limited slip differential. When one of the front wheels spin, the two multi-plate differentials within the package work as a clutch and the drive is adapted to a fixed resistance. The effect of locking (up to 50 percent) of the ramp depends on the angle under which the pressing plate and which eventually determine the way in which pressure is applied to the multi-plate clutch according to the torque. What is the ramp angle is less, to a system more vulnerable. With the Opel Astra OPC, was chosen to accelerate the ramp angle of 45 degrees. When slowing down, in other words – when KOCIM or when reducing pressure on the gas pedal, the clutch plates are again separated and thus allow the ABS operates the front wheels.

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FlexRide suspension set for OPC meets many styles of sports driving

FlexRide mechatronic chassis that is specifically designed to promote the needs of OPC allows the driver to choose between three different drive modules, each module offers a unique and specific experience of top vožjne. Standard module is effective in all directions while providing comfort in everyday situations during vožjne. Even with this module, Opel Astra has proved to be excellent cornering and shines with its performance management and minimal jolts. In Sports Module, the touch of a button, the suspension frame is fixed, it becomes more flexible and has more direct control. In addition, the OPC module provides the ultimate driving experience: management becomes even more directly than the Sport module, a controller more responsive chassis is tuned to provide maximum impact. Pale red lights on the dashboard, thus giving a signal to the car in the OPC module.

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Dynamic chassis control to “ramp and roll†under-control modules

For best control of driving, so-called “ramp†the control module further adjusts the wet road, allowing the wheels are in constant contact with the road while driving on bumps at high speeds. This means that soft lands a vehicle even when the clamp springs bounce over rough road surface. At the same time, the so-called “roll†under-control module reduces lateral jerks so that the vehicle in a straight position with respect to time and thus its maximum increased agility.

Compared with the 1.6 Astra GTC (132 kW/180 hp), OPC engineers, the standard springs are strengthened by about thirty percent and lowered the car for an additional ten millimeters, and thus even closer to the surface of the auto road. For the vehicle was more agile and better suited to the demands of driving, and the guides are fixed and the rear axle.

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